We are pleased to be part of the TROUTMASTERS affiliated waters. TROUTMASTERS is part of the Trout & Salmon Magazine and you may enter their competition from here. Once a fish has been caught, fill in the TROUTMASTERS form which is located in the weighing room and then either ourselves or the angler should send the form to the TROUTMASTERS office .All details must be filled in on the form, and signed.

At the end of each month the top three catches from each fishery is calculated and badges are sent out to the captors of the winning fish. Their details will then be recorded in the next available issue of Trout  Fisherman. 

All badge winners will be invited to a fish-off from the fishery they won their badge at.  This happens from February – May each year. The winners from each fishery then go on to the final.  

There are  three categories:

JUNIOR – 13 yrs and under

YOUTH – 14 – 17 Years 

SENIOR – 18 yrs +

All official Troutmasters forms must be completed and witnessed by a fishery official and forwarded to Trout & Salmon within five days. 

Fishery staff are not eligible to enter the competition at their own water.

Anglers can enter fish caught on any method so they can win a badge.  But the Senior and Junior finals remain FLY only

Two separate witnesses are required – one to the catch and one to the weighing.  Entries are not valid if these sections are not completed.